About Me

My name is Anthony Bonkoski

I've been obsessed with computers since first discovering them as an 8 year-old. And I've been programming them now for >25 years with great thanks to the Monroe County Michigan Public Library that lent me a book on The C Programming Language at age 10 to kick-start this great journey. And great thanks to the University of Michigan for helping me know what I don't know. And finally a huge thanks to Kevin Bowers (talk and talk and talk) for challenging me by example to be the best engineer I can be.

Until the end of 2022, I worked in Quantitative Finance (HFT) building large-scale high-performance distributed systems to power trading strategy research. I started an R&D Team known as SCALE (Super Computer Acceleration and Large-scale Engineering) at a firm called Jump Trading LLC. In that role, I built many large systems that I'm very proud of, but sadly, that work is confidential so I cannot speak about it publicly.

Previously, I worked as a Software Architect at a fabulous company called SkySpecs that builds self-flying drones to inspect wind-turbines in the Alternative Energy space. They're still doing awesome work so please do check them out!

Currently, I'm taking a break from professional work and spending more time enjoying life and writing!

Some specific sub-interests of mine (updated 2023):

I tend to work on absurdist toy projects, you may enjoy:



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